Why choose an agent with a zero-week contract period?

Traditionally, estate agents will require their clients to enter into lengthy contract agreements when instructing them to sell their homes.

This means the client is unable to change agent for any reason, often for several months at a time and most importantly, regardless of the service received.

At Leonard Gray, we are proud to be the ONLY agent in Chelmsford to operate a zero-week contract period, without charging upfront fees, meaning we are always held to account by our clients – and that is just the way we like it!

Customer service is our utmost priority. When our vendors are happy, so are we.

Our clients aren’t bound to us. In the unlikely event that they are dissatisfied with our service, they can leave us at any time.

We relish the challenge to continuously meet our clients’ needs, to retain their valued instructions.

If you are interested in hearing more about how we do business, please do not hesitate to call us no obligation chat on 01245 266765. Or in the meantime, check out our fantastic CLIENT REVIEWS