We offer practical, sympathetic advice when there is uncertainty and animosity following the death of a loved one.

Whether someone has left a Will or not, disputes can often arise over the true intentions of the deceased and whether suitable provisions were made for dependents.

We understand the sensitive nature of these disputes, which often involve members of the same family, and offer considerate, decisive advice so that matters can be resolved with minimal distress.

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Resolving disputes via mediation:
A good alternative to the legal process

We have extensive experience of taking matters to court, but would also recommend considering Mediation for these types of dispute.

It is a confidential process that enables both parties to explain and then discuss what their needs and concerns are to each other in the presence of an independent third party – the mediator – so that they reach an agreement between themselves.

The individuals concerned have greater control and responsibility in resolving disagreements rather than lawyers or the courts. In this way, mediation empowers parties to control the length of the process, the issues they would like to discuss, and the outcome.

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