The way to get legal advice is changing

  1. There is no more legal aid for most divorcing clients.*
  2. Fixed fees are making legal advice more affordable and easier to access.
  3. Solicitors now offer support to people who’d like to do some of the work themselves.

Today, you’ve got more options than ever

Free consultation

To make it easier to get started, we offer a free 30 minute appointment to help you to get to know us and understand what to expect from the divorce process.** Click here to request a consultation or telephone 01245 504904.

An initial review of your specific case

For a fixed fee of £125 + VAT, this appointment gives you plenty of time to ask questions tailored to your personal situation so that you can make informed decisions on whether, and how to proceed. Click here to request an appointment or telephone 01245 504904.

DIY divorce, we’ll check your paperwork for £350 + VAT

If you would like to do your own divorce then we can check over your draft Divorce Application and associated paperwork so that you can avoid problems when it is submitted to the Court.

Cases where there is some disagreement or delay

Once instructed, we charge hourly rates. We always explain our costs up front so that you know what to expect, and always with the goal of reaching fair agreements quickly.

Complex / high net value separation

If you’re facing a particularly difficult divorce then you’ve come to the right place. Our acknowledged experts advise on matters relating to high net worth separations including the resolution of family trusts and pensions, and the implications for public and private company owners. We recommend that you book an ‘initial review of your case’ to get you started. This is our £125 fixed fee appointment (plus VAT) which offers plenty of time to discuss the specifics of your case, and without any obligation for you to instruct Leonard Gray.

*Legally aided divorce

From April 2013 there is no more legal aid for divorce or disputes about children with the exception of special cases such as domestic violence. In those cases, we can recommend you to another firm in the area who offers legal aid.

**Free consultation

This offer does not extend to the Head of the Family Department.

Getting started

We would recommend that you have an informal chat with Amanda Saggers in the first instance on 01245 504904. We have a range of free initial consultations and Ana will be able to guide you to the right person at Leonard Gray for your case.

Visit our getting started page.

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