Our client had spent 6 months chasing an outstanding invoice of £55,000. We obtained full payment within 6 days of instruction.

In these difficult financial times we know how important being paid fully and on time can be.  We have helped clients recover money owed to them, and assisted those who are unreasonably being expected to pay for a poor service or poor goods or have had a CCJ wrongly entered against them.

We appreciate that each case is different and look to explore with you the best way to secure payment or resolve your dispute.  We work closely with the courts, bailiffs and investigation agents.

We have extensive experience of taking matters to court, but also explore resolution by other means such as negotiation or mediation.

Examples of our success

£220,000 secured from a debtor who had fled to Thailand.

£48,000 obtained for a client who thought they had outstanding invoices totalling £18,000.

We can also advise on bankruptcy and winding up proceedings and assist liquidators in the collection of book debts of an insolvent company.

Our standard fees

Debt Recovery of up to £100,000

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